weight loss session

I saw this in our newsletter today and I already signed up to join this session. I just hope that this is going to work for me :)

Time to lose weight and time to meet new people :)

I still have two months before my Kota Kinabalu trip so jia you to me!

Ohana United Nations party

Ohana loves to party . . .

Our very first costume party Asian inspired

our next costume party Only Asian i came as lilo in connection with F4 . . .

Came our next costume party in formal wear

And another party . . . in honor of our lola Agnes

hmmm parang pakonti ng pakonti tayo. . .

And our latest costume party which was held last weekend in Richville hotel


Can't wait for our next year's party!

now girls we have 5 months to prepare and by far the hardest ever!

Papa P aka Piolo

It’s very common to see celebrities at work last I heard who was here was Dingdong Dantes and Marian River but no one really cared that much except for a few men who wanted to have their picture taken with Marian aka Marimar.

Last I remember that I went out of my way was when KC Concepcion was here and I can say that she’s really nice compared to Judy Ann who was like uuggghhh never mind.

So yesterday was very exciting to all females here haha  we heard that Piolo Pascual is coming together with Angel Locsin so we were all excited and can’t wait to see him. Some of us would even check the lobby from time to time. Others would call the person who will be accompanying Piolo and company. So wherever you go or which ever floor you are everybody is talking about it. This is like the moment that we have all been waiting for. I was even telling someone I don’t really care that much for others celebs but for Piolo I can even take a leave just to see him haha. I guess Piolo is just different from the rest he has something that the others don’t have.

But to our dismay Piolo came and left. He was only here for a mere second and I think the security have anticipated the chaos that Piolo will create and they advised him to exit the other way huhu we were all very sad and I even printed the picture that I have with him for autograph huhu :(

 Oh well. . . so much for the excitement!  At least I already have this pic of him 

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For almost a week now i have been praying on my visa application in Japan and I just received a call from May today and I am so happy to say that we got our visa approved. I almost wanted to scream with happiness.

As promised to my officemates lunch on Monday will be on me.

Japan here we come!!!

Ken, see you soon!


Dearest Ken, 

i just love your new songs, you never fail to surprise us!

I am crossing my fingers and prays that i will see you in Japan!

hmmmmm (humming the tune of Rain)

Wishing to be in Taiwan

Do not know where and how to begin my story. I am still high with what happened last saturday and sunday. Everything we did sleeping on the side walk under the freezing cold weather, running in ximen ding only wearing our pajamas and slippers just to make it in the venue for the numbers haizz but everything was all worth it after seeing F4.

I still have to gather my thoughts before i can post everything.

To my ohana and new friends thank you very much. It was really a memorable trip.

Ken, thank you for making this trip more complete. This is the best moment i've had with you and i have been waiting for this moment for the longest time. I don't think i can ever let go of you.

Xie xie ni Xiao Tian.

Hope to see you in Japan.

E for Epple

Today I have encountered people who have difficulty in pronunciation. This happens to me everyday and am sure this will make you smile. . . read on

Case number one

Me: Name

Applicant: mentions name

Me: searching for the name in the system and finds nothing so I asked the applicant again

Me: spell out your last name please

Applicant: S-O-F-O-C-A

Me: spell your name

Applicant: G-O-V-E-L-Y-N

Me: thinks (hmmm )

Me: Miss. . . . it’s Govelyn. . . “G” as in

Applicant: “G” as in jerr

Me: huh “G” as in jerr

Applicant’s husband: it’s Jar

Me: ahhhh it’s Jaaaayyyyy not Geeeeeee

Applicant: Yes

Case No 2

Me: Last name please

Applicant: Shields

Me: Name

Applicant: Pez

Me: thinks again finds nothing in the system

Me: Please spell your name

Applicant: P-E-Z

Me: Mam is it “E” or “A”

Applicant: “E”

Me: ok, mam “E”

Applicant: “E” as in epple

Me: ok (and smiles to the applicant)

Case no 3 (this is very common I get this almost everyday)

Me: do you have your case number

Applicant: meron po, its 2-jero-jero- 6***** (jero for zero)
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